September –
October 2016

Inspired by the 950th
anniversary of the
Battle of Hastings
Exhibition / Outdoor

I Am A Norman

Andrew Moran and Nigel Green
I Am A Norman

Exploring the idea of 'living history', Andrew Moran and Nigel Green decided to seek out the modern Normans in our midst by using inherited surnames. Starting with the fourteen close compatriots of William the Conqueror thought to have been at the Battle of Hastings, they then used the Battle Roll to expand the pool of names to over 400.

The contemporary Normans who have collaborated in this project may have direct or more convoluted connections with the past - but they most certainly would not be named as they are had the Norman invasion not happened.

I Am A Norman simply records 15 modern descendants, photographed in settings of their choice in their normal everyday clothes and displayed in bus stops in Hastings Town Centre and in Hastings Station.  Familiar faces in familiar settings, connecting us to the past.

See the project blog for more details - click here.

Image Credit: Sue Warren by Nigel Green


DATE: 01 Sep - 02 Oct 2016
TIME: all day
Queens Road
Queens Road

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