September –
October 2016

Inspired by the 950th
anniversary of the
Battle of Hastings
Exhibition / Heritage / Outdoor / Participate

Harold's Grave: His Weight in Gold

Alice Schÿler Mallet
Harold's Grave: His Weight in Gold

As the story goes, at least one version of the story, William the Conqueror asked one of his close companions William Malet (artist Alice Schÿler Mallet's ancestor) to bury King Harold. William claimed Harold had lied to him about supporting his claim to the English throne; therefore he did not deserve a proper religious burial. An account by William of Poitiers relates that some Normans remarked ‘in jest’ that "he who guarded the coast with such insensate zeal should be buried by the sea shore".

Harold's mother Gytha, desperate, asked for his body and proposed to give in exchange the weight of the body in gold. This was refused to her. The body was buried on the beach under a cairn of stones, and later moved to Waltham Abbey.

This installation and performance will evoke this 'pagan' temporary grave on the beach. The location of Pevensey Castle, where 950 years ago the beach came right up to the walls, is significant. The castle was the first encampment of William's army, making the site key to the history of the Battle of Hastings.

On Saturday 1 October a live event will commemorate this story with a new vocal work by composer Norman Yamada, sung by local choir the Shady Pines. Visitors can take away a golden pebble as a reminder of  a mother's love.









DATE: 07 Sep - 01 Oct 2016

10am to 6pm
Closing Event – 1st October

Pevensey Castle
Castle Road
BN24 5LE
Adult - £5.80, Child - £3.40, Concessions - £5.20, Free to English Heritage members.

No booking required.

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