September –
October 2016

Inspired by the 950th
anniversary of the
Battle of Hastings

Fiona Banner/ Buoys Boys

Fiona Banner
Buoys Boys

Leading British artist Fiona Banner presents an immersive installation exploring her ongoing interest in language and its limitations. The exhibition, which takes place both inside and outside of the gallery, is a play on digital versus material experiences.

The Vanity Press, Banner’s publishing wing, has been central to her practice since 1997. She uses as a way of displaying her published works and films. Through this interface the visitor is invited to take control of what they view.

With a focus on film projects such as the recently completed films Chinook (2013), Tête à Tête (2014) and Phantom (2015) as well as works still in progress, is an experimental online space made accessible for the audience to navigate through large scale projections in the exhibition. The website, which is usually used to access an artist’s work when the work itself is not present, here becomes integral to the work.

Full Stop sculptures – a sequence of full stops from typefaces blown up to human scale, previously produced in polystyrene (1998) and bronze (2005) – are reformed as beanbags, punctuating the open space of the gallery and offering a moment to sit and pause.

Full stops also feature in a vast window installation spanning the full length of the gallery, making illusory sculptural interventions, or Buoys, on the seascape beyond.


Found image courtesy Archive of Modern Conflict, London

Turner Prize nomination:

DATE: 24 Sep - 08 Jan 2017
TIME: 10-am - 6-pm
De La Warr Pavilion
TN40 1DP

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