September –
October 2016

Inspired by the 950th
anniversary of the
Battle of Hastings
27th September 2016

Blog Post #11: The Halfway Mark

We’re over the halfway mark. Hopefully, so far, ROOT 1066 has set the bar high for excellence within the contemporary arts. There have been so many events. The feeling here is that after many months’ preparation, they’ve suddenly crept up and come and gone all at once.

EDITH was an absolutely awe-inspiring experience. Hastings Observer provides an unbeatably succinct summation. One audience member – on kindly offering feedback – suggested that ‘awesome’ was too trivial a term. ‘Awestruck’ worked better. I was waxing lyrical to the extent that Bob Humm lent me another Kötting film (This Filthy Earth) – equally ‘awesome’.

Feast of the Dead happened, and feedback was unanimously positive. Did the music complement the meal or did the meal complement the music?

Another big-name artist – Fiona Banner – opened her new exhibition at the De La Warr Pavilion, on Saturday 24 September. Ever the boundary-blurrer, her full-stop sculptures become physically confrontational examples of linguistic limitations. The stops and pauses ask how meaning manifests.

Clash came to Sussex Coast College, and it was beautiful. A vibrant and community-affirming performance that – again – blended artistic forms (poetry and music) to forge a shared past, and herald an optimistic future. Pictures are proof: viewable here.

And there is plenty more to come. Hastings Speaks will come alive on Wednesday 28 September. The Albion will host the bringers of the modern Diary Day, as diaries, history and literature are to be  channelled into a live performance.

Professor Gale Owen-Crocker will give a talk on the Bayeux Tapestry, at St Mary in the Castle (Thursday 29 September). She taught me throughout university, and supervised my final-year dissertation. Throughout these three years she displayed enormous empathy, compassion and academic innovation. She was invariably a ‘favourite lecturer’ and I can guarantee that her talk will be engagingly fascinating.

Plenty more follows: the world premiere of PUSH, the closing event for Harold’s Grave: His Weight in Gold, Movement, 1066: Three Kings. We hope that you’ll enjoy the rest of what’s to come - see the brochure for a reminder.