September –
October 2016

Inspired by the 950th
anniversary of the
Battle of Hastings
20th September 2016

Blog Post #10: Sir David Hare in Conversation

On Friday Sir David Hare had a homecoming event in his town of birth St Leonards-on-Sea – he discussed his life and works with journalist Kathryn Flett.

Even the pre-Dizzee buzz on the Pier failed to assuage my anticipation at what was to be a highly exciting evening. Only last November I was watching Skylight in the cinema (live from the NT) – and I’d had no idea that he’d grown up around these here parts.

As I entered the Kino-Teatr with my equally-excited mother, we failed to register that David Hare, Nicole Farhi and Clare Holman were relaxing on the foyer couches. In an accidental grotesque parody of an unabashed autograph hunter, my mother interrupted their privacy with a boorish ‘they look like comfortable chairs!’ A sort of bewildered politeness escaped Clare Holman as she confusedly replied ‘yes…’ – but by then, my mother had drifted past.

The talk itself was enchanting and riveting. A revelation: David Hare is writing a series for the BBC! He emphasised how television serials offer great fluidity than film – but that was as much as he would reveal.

Other interesting points covered: his mother’s conviction that 1950’s Bexhill was a ‘dangerous’ area, his observation of how critical vitriol (that attempted to stifle his politically-minded generation) has morphed into an altogether more encouraging affair and class-specific jam jar lids.

When asking people to fill out evaluation forms of their experience, it’s always nice when feedback is unanimously positive. This was one of those events.