September –
October 2016

Inspired by the 950th
anniversary of the
Battle of Hastings
13th September 2016

Blog Post #9: iy_project

What a weekend.

All at ROOT 1066 are exhilarated with iy_project’s ability to ‘weather the storm’. It was an enormous success and we’d like to thank everyone who supported and contributed to the project – far too many to mention.

And what better venue for the official ROOT 1066 launch than our Lazarus-like Pier? A site that uniquely blends tradition and innovation; a space that truly is the People’s Pier.

Only five months ago I was brought into ROOT 1066 – although of course, the preparations had been taking place long before. I recall my jubilance on learning that I was to become part of such a community-focused, artistically-exciting Festival.

On day one I learned that September 10 was where it would all ‘officially’ begin. So much preparation lay ahead that it didn’t necessarily seem real. Landmarks to be reached came and went: website development, social media advancement (Instagram in particular), Hastings Speaks’ Diary Day, 66 Objects, Blacksmiths on the Beach, the release of the brochure…

Steadily the momentum has been building. My excursions with Bob Humm and his Flat Pack Castle have allowed me to trace the development of ROOT 1066 awareness. The early days of ‘what’s that?’ slowly began morphing into ‘oh yes, I’ve heard all about that’ and – eventually – people visiting us because of Facebook’s lure.
Last week was something else. I haven’t been as exhilaratingly busy since my final week of undergraduate study. But this was a completely new experience for me, in that it was a real team effort; a collective success. The emotional reward was far more enjoyable as a result, and I felt enormously proud at my colleagues’ display of their immeasurable talents.

Ultimately, to see people meditatively-immersed in Chris Levine’s light and sound (despite the weather) is what this Festival is about. Enriching and rewarding indeed. Bring on the next six weeks.