September –
October 2016

Inspired by the 950th
anniversary of the
Battle of Hastings
31st August 2016

Blog Post #8: Marketing

We're drawing closer to the official start of the festival and by now, we really hope everyone's as excited as they should be because if they're not, we're gonna' need a bigger poster...

Root 1066's resident social media and marketing extraordinaire has strategically timed his holiday to get some calm before the storm, so I'm covering Tom for a trial by fire. It's by no means a nauseating job and luckily I'm seeing more of the sun than I expected on my very important ventures into town with an armful of brochures. However, I didn't expect this lingering paranoia over how well we're doing. I certainly didn't expect the putting up posters to be such a cutthroat world dictated by a blu-tac currency. Even more daunting is watching your Facebook post's reach slowly creep its way up without knowing if anyone's paying attention.

One of our events is renown playwright and festival patron, Sir David Hare discussing his work and published memoirs at the Kino Teatr (Friday 16th September). I've been asked to promote it on social media, making sure everyone who might be interested knows that the Sir David Hare is coming to St Leonards. Once I'd gone through a convenient list of Sussex-based amateur dramatic groups, I was stumped. How do you use Google to find a local book club? Should I be sending emails to bingo halls or university societies? Ultimately, branding 1066 Country with posters seems to be the most straight forward way to catch the public's attention before being shamelessly moved to dog-level. Every window is a battle.

Fortunately for us, the festival hype is snowballing, one like at a time. I'm in total awe of the team I've joined and the work they've done to organise the exhibitions and events that will make Root 1066 a success. There's too much passion and dedication put into the project for it to do anything other than remind people that the arts, culture and history of 1066 Country are some of the best in the country. But to do this, we need the public's help. So if you see a poster, take a second look. Innocently like our posts so your friends may see or be a part of the word of mouth. Let's make sure Root 1066 wins the war against apathy so everyone has a chance to enjoy this exciting time for the arts. Let's be victorious in our own Battle of Hastings.