September –
October 2016

Inspired by the 950th
anniversary of the
Battle of Hastings
18th August 2016

Blog Post #7: Photography

With Bob Humm, I have been adventuring around various local events with the Flat Pack Castle over the past few months. We encourage public engagement with Bob’s magnificent structure, whilst handing out brochures and speaking to interested people about interesting things.

From the many events we’ve attended so far, I’ve been surprised by the content of two of the most common questions. By a country mile the most-asked question concerns Coastal Currents – whether it’s happening this year. I’m pleased to say that yes it is! It’s a real pleasure to experience how dearly-loved Coastal Currents is – and it’s a pleasure that it’s part of ROOT 1066 this year. The brochure is viewable here.

I’ve found the second question slightly more surprising. Many people ask about photography; the kinds of photography-specific exhibitions that ROOT 1066 is staging. In this regard there are two events, both of which uniquely embody the ethos of ROOT 1066: community, arts accessibility, internationalism.

I Am A Norman places portraits of people with Norman-derived surnames in public places. The premise is simple – it’s living history. These Hastings residents are anchors to our ancestors, monuments to how far we’ve come. The portraits are to be installed on Queens Road’s bus shelters (and Hastings Station) from 1 September. Happy travels.

Susan Arundell (battle name Roger De Arundel), from I Am A Norman. Courtesy of Andrew Moran & Nigel Green
Charlotte Arundell (battle name: Roger De Arundel) Courtesy of Andrew Moran and Nigel Green..

Fishermen of Quiberville: A Photo Essay consolidates our links with our neighbours. John Cole has been photographing Hastings’ fishing community for 25 years. He has recently been in Normandy, photographing French fishermen. The images are to be installed along the Rock-a-Nore net huts from 3 September. Contemporaneously, photographs of Hastings fishermen will be shown in New Haven, as part of the Diep-Haven Festival. Again, this is a public nod to our past and a celebration of our internationalist links via such an important industry.

Henry Adams. Courtesy of John Cole.
Henry Adams

Aside from these projects, the local area has a range of supreme photography events. blackShed Gallery will be exhibiting photographs taken along the route of EDITH. A New Language (another ROOT 1066 project) at the Observer Building consists of a range of mediums – including photography. Rye Arts Festival are staging some magnificent ROOT 1066 Associate events – one of which consists of Martin Parr’s photography.

With any luck, these projects will inspire others to see just what a camera can express.

Featured image: Sue Warren (battle name: William De Wareine). Courtesy of Andrew Moran & Nigel Green.